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Mercedes Benz Emissions Claim Form

Consumer Law Enquiry Forms Mercedes Claim Form

Please have your purchase documents to hand when completing this form. This page will time out after 20 minutes.

Please enter your public vehicle registration number so we can check whether your Mercedes vehicle is affected by the diesel emissions issue. Please ensure you enter your public plate, as private plates will not be recognised.

Please note * denotes a mandatory field that must be completed to progress through the form

Find your address by entering your post code in the below field:

Unfortunately, Leigh Day are unable to act on behalf people who live outside of England, Wales or Scotland.

Please note: Based on the date you have entered, the applicable time limit for some claims available in this case may have expired or be about to expire shortly. Any claim(s) which expire within the first three months from the date you sign up are not covered by the scope of our retainer (unless we confirm otherwise with you). We should still be able to act for you in relation to the other claims available, subject to confirming further details in due course. Our Client Care Letter provides more information.

It is always advisable to issue proceedings within the time limit. If you believe that your time limit to claim will expire within the next three months, and you wish to protect a claim from expiring within that period, the best option would be for you to issue individual protective proceedings at Court. This can be achieved by filing an individual claim form with the court and paying the applicable court fee. We are unable to assist you with issuing individual protective proceedings.

We are unable to act on your behalf as your vehicle was acquired outside of England and Wales. Please be aware that time limits apply to claiming, but we are unable to advise you on this as the applicable limits may vary depending upon where your vehicle was acquired. There is further information provided in our FAQs for those owners who acquired their vehicle in Scotland.

If you wish to claim in respect of more than one vehicle, please complete this form to provide information for the vehicle registration number entered above. We will contact you separately to request further information about any additional vehicles.

If you have already formally instructed another firm by entering into a formal funding agreement with them you cannot instruct another law firm in respect of the same matter.

In most cases you are entitled to terminate your contract with that law firm, within 14 days of entering into that agreement, without penalty. In these circumstances, if you still wish to instruct Leigh Day, you will need to notify the other firm within the 14 day period to avoid any charges being applied.

If you still wish to progress with Leigh Day – please confirm that you have notified your current law firm by emailing us at emissions@leighday.co.uk

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